1980               Born 5th of August 1980 in Aachen, Germany


1986               Moved with his parents, two brothers and one sister to Herford, Germany


1987 - 1991  Elementary school, Stiftberg, Herford


1991 - 1997  Secondary school, Friedrichs Gymnasium, Herford

                          Interests in shamanism, occultism, merchant art and counter-culture,

                          writing poems, writing own songs with guitar and drawing comics,  

                          listening to bands like Coil, Current 93 and Psychic Tv


1997 - 1998   Upper school, OHS, Bielefeld


1998                 First psychosis


1998 - 1999   Voluntary ecological year, Freckenhorst, near Münster


1999                 Moved to Berlin


1999 -  2012   Active membership in the magical order O.T.O.


2000                 Second psychosis


2001 - 2002    Rehab programm at ProWo in Berlin


2002                  Foundation of his own magical current and artistscollective KohDaoD'Art

                           (The in smoke veiled way of Art) Performances, concerts, readings


2003                 Third psychosis


2002 - 2004    Education as a digital filmmaker at the SAE, Berlin

                            Production of serveral, experimental shortfilms with presentations

                            at the Independent Film Network and the Tacheles in Berlin


2005                  First exhibition at the R.A.W.Temple in Berlin and birth of the first child, a daughter


2006                  Marriage with Nina Esser (now Nina Dören), graphic designer


2006 - 2016     Active membership in the chaos-magical order I.O.T.


2007                   Filmpresentation in Cinema Babylon, second exhibition at the EuroSubGenius-

                            artshow in the Gallery Biederberg in Amsterdam with Espira from the U.K.,

                            filmpresentation and concertperformance in the Z-Bar, Berlin, organised by

                            the Order for Occult Art (O.T.R.D.) with Tate Tränensohn


2008                  Fimpresentation in the Cinema Babylon in Berlin

                            Performance at the EuroSubGeniusGig in Hamburg, Germany

                            and third exhibition at a festival for experimental music in Zürich, Switzerland


2009                 Open studio and fourth exhibition + performance in the Tacheles, Berlin

                           and birth of the second child, a son


2010                 Retreat from the public


2011                 Foundation of his own studio "Shin-Ain-Dreamland“ in Berlin/Friedrichshain


2012                  Different little concerts and one as a supporting act to a Lon Milo DuQuette concert

                            in the King Kong Club in Berlin, organised by the O.T.O.


2013                 Some more concerts, invalidity pension, because of schizophrenia,

                           birth of the third child, a daughter


2014                 Water Gnosis Performance in the Kule in the Auguststreet in Berlin


2014 - 2015    Education in psychological astrology


2015                  Soloexhibition in the Gallery Art Cru, Berlin, curated by the Outsider Art specialist

                            Klaus Mecherlein, articles in several newspapers, promotion at Radio1 and in the

                            Raw-Vision-Magazin Number 85, groupexhibition at the Art Fair Positions, Berlin


2016                  Groupexhibition at the Gallery Art Cru (retrospective of 7 years Gallery business)

                            Groupexhibition with Jürgen Baum in the Museum for Outsider Art in Schleswig

                            Groupexhibition in the Kule in the Auguststreet in Berlin

                            Groupexhibition at the Art Fair Positions in Berlin by Gallery Art Cru


2017                 Groupexhibition Art Fair Karlsruhe, Stand of the Gallery Art Cru

                           Concert Gefahrengebiet, Jugend Widerstandsmuseum, Berlin

                           Groupexhibition PragaMaga, Prague

                           Groupexhibition and performances in the Arthouse Kule, Berlin

                           Groupexhibition at the Art Fair Positions in Berlin by Gallery Art Cru


2018                 Concert, reading and performance, Jugend Widerstandsmuseum, Berlin

                           Groupexhibition and featured performance, Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

                           Featured group-ritual "rebirth of the light" at the Ilsburg, Hessen


2019                Concert and reading, Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

                          Concert at radio-show "we are born free", Bethanien, Berlin

                          Part of organising and leading a group-ceremony at the Ilsburg, Hessen

                          Groupexhibition in the Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin

                          Groupexhibition in the Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

                          Groupexhibition and concert, Jugend Widerstands Museum, Berlin


2020                Soloexhibition in the restaurant medEATerranean trip, Berlin

                         (a restaurant that has already shown original artworks of artists

                         such as Banksy, Andy Warhol and Genesis P-Orridge)

                         Part of organising and leading a group-ceremony at the Ilsburg, Hessen

                         Groupexhibition "Lange Nacht der Bilder", Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

                         Concert at "Schau!Kunst"exhibition of Rue de Guerre, Rigaerstrasse 22, Berlin

                         Groupexhibition "Welle zu-nah-mir", Kunsthaus Kule, Auguststrasse 10, Berlin


2021                Part of organising and leading a group-ceremony at the Ilsburg, Hessen

                          Groupexhibition "Lange Nacht der Bilder", Villa Kuriosum, Berlin

                          Groupexhibition "Mitte dis TAN ce", Kunsthaus Kule, Auguststrasse 10, Berlin